Activity Change

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Inflatable Bounce House
This may not be the exact one, but it’s close!

We have some mixed news for all of you – we were forced to swap out one of Saturday’s activities due to some technical difficulties. We received word just this afternoon from Vermont Tech, the host venue for Saturday’s event, that their pool’s pump failed and would need to be sent out for repairs. We discussed all of the options we could think of, including expediting the shipment and, unfortunately, were told that there were no options for having the pool open on Saturday.


Inflatable Slide
It might not look exactly like this, but it’s close!

Of course, we know some of you were really looking forward to that as an activity option, so we sprang into action; what else could we offer that would be fun for everyone and not cost us too much more? We polled quite a few people and kept coming back to the same suggestion: an inflatable bounce house. We cleared the idea with Vermont Tech, spoke with some vendors and put together a plan.


On Saturday you won’t have access to the pool, but you will have access to an inflatable bounce house… and an inflatable slide. When it came down to it, we decided to forget the budget and bring you the best option we could. After all, that’s been the entire theme of this event, and it’s even our company slogan – Never Settle. We couldn’t choose between the different inflatable options, so we decided to just get both. They’ll be available from 10am until 2pm on Saturday at no charge.


2016 whistlekick martial arts showdown medals
The ribbon still needs to be added to the Grand Championship / SuperGrand medals, but you get the idea.

While we know this isn’t a pool, our hands were tied. We explored every option we could to get a pool on site – bringing in temporary, outdoor pools and far more complicated ideas. In the end, we agreed that the bounce house (and slide!) while not the same, would be at least as fun for most people and even more fun for others. We know there are some of you that planned to float around until your wrinkles had wrinkles, and to you, we apologize.

If it’s any consolation, we have wonderful food options, the vendors have sent us photos of the special items they’ve made and are selling just for this event, the scavenger hunt is ready, the photographers and videographer are good to go… and everything else is on track. The medals arrived today and, if you haven’t seen them, here they are.

We have been, and still are, committed to producing the absolute best martial arts event you’ve ever been to.

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