Jumping, Landing & Balance – Parkour for Martial Artists with Andrew Smith

Andrew SmithThis session is designed to help you master one of the most difficult elements for many martial artists – movement through the air. Most martial arts teach the value of staying grounded but recognize that there are times when leaving the ground has advantages. With this seminar you’ll learn more about how to make the most of your “airtime.” Elements covered will include jumping in the five directions (up, forwards, backwards and to each side), landing from each manner of jump, landing with accuracy, landing from height, wall jumps and more.

This seminar is appropriate for anyone that is capable of jumping and landing on their own and without injury. There will be no overly-risky movements, no trampolines and no flipping. Participants may wear shoes if they desire or be barefoot. No mats will be used in this session.

Andrew Smith is a martial artist and certified Parkour instructor with years of experience.

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