breakingThe 2016 whistlekick Martial Arts Showdown will be an officially sanctioned United States and World Breaking Association event! We’ll have several events for you to watch or participate in.

Creative Multi-Directional Board Breaking

Power Board Breaking – Hand, Foot & Elbow

Speed Board Breaking

The 2016 Martial Arts Showdown will not be charging a stand fee in any divisions. Power and Speed breaking divisions must purchase boards in advance (before 3/9/16) during onlineĀ registration. Spacers are required in power divisions and will be provided. To view of the official ruleset, in full, from USBA/WBA, please click here.

To look at current USBA / WBA records, please visit the records section of their website. If you are challenging a record, you don’t have to do anything but purchase a membership. Any competition records entitle you to free admission to the 2017 Martial Arts Showdown.

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