Our event will be centered around a broad set of competitive martial arts events, including sparring, forms and breaking divisions. All divisions will be divided by age and rank. We’ve compiled all rules into a full ruleset, which is available for download or viewing as a PDF – 2016 whistlekick Martial Arts Showdown Official Rules.

Gold Medal
Current mockup of the gold medal

Rank Definitions

Novice – White, Yellow, Orange Belt
Intermediate – Blue, Green, Purple Belt
Advanced – Red, Brown Belt
Black Belt – Um, Black Belt

You must compete at the highest rank you’ve attained in any style, even if the school you train in now has assigned you a lower rank. It is unfair for someone that held a third-degree black belt, but chose to start over in another style, to compete as a brown belt, for example.

This is a traditional martial arts event and appropriate attire is expected. This may include a traditional martial arts uniform, sport-style martial arts uniform or other similar clothing. T-shirts are not permitted as a top layer in any division. No crop-top shirts, bare chests, bathing suits or any similar clothing will be permitted in competition. Shorts are permitted only in Fusion Fighting.

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