Continuous SparringContinuous sparring is a division that offers something a bit different from the others. Unlike point sparring, this division allows moderate contact and continuous movement. Rather than scoring points, rounds are scored by referee decision. Each match will be two 1-minute rounds followed by a 30-second third round tie-break if necessary.

Continuous Sparring – Different from Point Sparring

Participants must utilize the same targets and striking areas as with point sparring, must wear a full complement of gear and strictly obey the referees. While moderate contact is permitted, this is not a full-contact division. Bruises may happen, but there will be no overly-aggressive intent allowed. This division is only open to adults and children aged 16 & 17 with a parent’s permission. We will strongly urge, but not require, a parent or legal guardian of a 16/17 year old to be present and observing the division.

Men – 160lbs and under, 161 lbs – 180 lbs, 181 lbs – 200 lbs, 201lbs – 220 lbs, 220 lbs & over.
Women – 124 lbs and under, 125-150lbs, 151-179lbs, 180lbs & over. (The 180+ division is a last minute addition and not reflected in any paperwork or during online registration. Please select the 151-179lb division and we’ll split the division on the day of the event.


Please note that the exact divisions may adjust on the day of the event, including slight adjustments in rank, age and weight. This is in order to give everyone an opportunity to participate safely and in a fair division. Adjustments will be made by the arbitrators if deemed appropriate.

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