Fusion FightingFusion Fighting is a fun, safe, sport martial arts division that combines striking, clinching, grappling, takedowns, ground fighting and submissions. It’s always a popular event at the tournaments that host it, so we felt strongly about having it at the Martial Arts Showdown.

This event is only open to those 16 and above.

Fusion Fighting Divisions

Men – 160lbs and under, 161 lbs – 180 lbs, 181 lbs – 200 lbs, 201lbs – 220 lbs, 220 lbs & over.
Women – 124 lbs and under, 125-150lbs, 151-179lbs (capped).

We will be following the accepted Twin State Martial Arts Circuit rules.


Please note that the exact divisions may adjust on the day of the event, including slight adjustments in rank, age and weight. This is in order to give everyone an opportunity to participate safely and in a fair division. Adjustments will be made by the arbitrators if deemed appropriate.

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