Massage Therapy

massageWe’ve enlisted the services of two professional massage therapists, Rosie Manning of Stowe and Rebecca Hislop of Montpelier. Both are professionally trained, employed, skilled therapists. Even better – we’re covering their fees, which means your massages on event day are free of charge. Of course, if you feel so inclined, tips will be accepted.

Both therapists are capable of assisting with the pain or discomfort of martial arts or life in general, but they’re just as capable of helping you relax. Whether you’re looking for a massage before competition, after competition, or as a break from all of the chaos of the day, we’ve got you covered. These services aren’t only for competitors – anyone in attendance is welcome to partake.

And now for some fine print: it’s important to understand that this work you receive is for general stress relief and is not to diagnose or treat any medical condition. The individual providing treatment will do their best to meet your needs, but there is no guarantee of any outcome. You may be asked to sign a release form before you receive any treatment. It’s up to you to speak with the therapist about any issues you may have. Drinking water before and after treatment is recommended. Finally, any receipt of massage therapy is done at your own risk.

Rosie ManningRosie Manning

Rosie Manning is a Native Vermonter, Certified Massage Therapist, and Certified Personal Trainer. Her love of health and wellness began at a young age, playing multiple sports.  After a back injury in 2005, she was advised to find another career and the door opened to the world of massage. Some of her interests are hiking, walking with her dog Nella, biking, gardening, training for adventure races, and researching the human body.To learn more about Rosie Manning and her practice located in Stowe, VT, please visit

To learn more about Rosie Manning and her practice located in Stowe, VT, please visit

Rebecca HislopRebecca Hislop

Rebecca Hislop has been practicing massage therapy in Central Vermont since 2007.
She obtained her Associates Degree in Applied Sciences and Bodywork at the Community College of Vermont. Since then she has continued her education focusing on Myofascial Release and the clinical application of soft tissue therapy. She provides massage therapy for chiropractic patients at Vermont Back and Body Care and maintains a private practice within that office. Rebecca is very passionate about the work she does in helping people manage pain and optimize their physical experience in life.
To learn more about Rebecca Hislop and her practice located in Montpelier, VT, please visit
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