weaponsOpen / traditional weapons divisions will be held to the same standards as the open-hand open / traditional divisions. Any use of a weapon means the form belongs in the weapons division. This division includes a) traditional forms that are taught in martial arts schools b) gently adjusted versions of those forms and c) created traditional-style forms.

If your form includes any movements that are not considered part of a traditional martial arts curriculum, they do not belong in this division.

All weapons may be inspected for safety by the judges. Any weapon deemed unsafe by a head referee or an arbitrator will not be permitted for use. A substitute weapon may be used.

Failure to demonstrate basic proficiency of a weapon in such a way that spectators, judges or other competitors are put at risk is subject to immediate disqualification from all weapons divisions that day. (ie, losing grip on a weapon in such a way that it’s thrown at someone).

Black belt participants that drop or otherwise lose control over their weapon in a dangerous way are immediately disqualified.

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