Take Your Forms to a New Level – Martial Arts Performance

Ever wonder what makes excellent forms practitioners pop? Want a few pointers before your event? In this session you will learn universal concepts to bring your form to the next level. The concepts that will be covered do not focus on any one style, but rather address the purpose and necessity of forms practice. We will move from basic to advanced concepts of forms performance. Learn what the three Ps and Ls Scott Granerstand for; understand the importance of the Power Theory; and discover how to take your form further with FFI. Applying these skills will not only enhance your performance, but also make you look deeper into your art.
Sifu Graner is a 5th degree Black Belt under Master Freddie LaPan (World Champion Fighter) and Black Belt under Master Hu Jianqiang (Wushu Champion and Chinese Movie Star). Sifu Graner has competed, trained and performed internationally. He is currently the owner and director of Mount Mansfield Martial Arts.