seminarAs part of our grand day of martial arts – the 2016 Martial Arts Showdown – we’ll be featuring a number of seminars that will be available for all attendees. These will be free for all competitors and spectators. These seminars will be short (30 minutes) and designed to work well for competitors in between their events. We’re collecting a number of quality, in-demand martial arts instructors to present on a wide variety of topics.

Martial Arts Seminars

The Cane as a Martial Arts Weapon – Basics & Self Defense – Sensei Pete Porter

How to Simplify Sparring – Hanshi Richard Bernard

Introduction to Superfoot Systems – the techniques pioneered by Bill Wallace – Sensei Terry Dow

Organizing Your Toolbox – How to Prioritize Your Training and Skills – Sensei Robb Buckland

Jumping, Landing & Balance – Parkour for Martial Artists – Andrew Smith

Discover the Martial Skill of Tai Chi Chuan – Shifu Scott Aronson

i-STRIKE Self Defense for Women – Master Kellie Thomas

Martial Arts Performance – Sifu Scott Graner


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