Flying side kickOur Skills Clash is an exciting event that has grown out of our 60 Second Pushup Challenge. The Skills Clash involves objectively-scored martial arts skills and techniques in order to showcase the tremendous athleticism and skill martial artists have.

We won’t be disclosing the challenges for the Skills Clash, but we can tell you about some of the past elements that have been included.

  • Maximum Situps in 20 Seconds
  • Running, jumping side kick for distance
  • Maximum veritcal jump
  • Number of front kicks in 30 seconds without returning the foot to the ground
  • Number of kicks to a target in 30 seconds

As you can see, the skills are varied but all relate to martial arts techniques and physical conditioning. Unlike other divisions, you may enter this one more than once. Every competitor that registers will be given a ticket to participate in the skills clash. This event runs from 10am until 3pm and the winner will be declared before the first Super-Grand Championship is awarded.

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