Speed Board Breaking is a fast and exciting breaking division.

This division will follow all United States and World Breaking Association rules. All boards must be purchased from the event in advance, during your registration online and before 3/9/16. There will be no boards available the day of the event. No exceptions. To look at current USBA / WBA records, please visit the records section of their website. If you are challenging a record, you don’t have to do anything but purchase a membership. Any competition records entitle you to free admission to the 2017 Martial Arts Showdown.

Speed Board Breaking Rules

  • No spacers allowed
  • Any techniques allowed
  • 5 station maximum. Stations may be reset with more boards during the display
  • Stations must be made up of the standard 8″x8″x16″ concrete blocks that will be provided.
  • Competitor may have 2 assistants maximum
  • Break consists of 3 minutes to setup, break and cleanup.
  • Breaking is limited to 10 seconds.


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